Initial ELPAC: Oral Language

Below you will find more details on the areas the ELPAC includes as well as how you can understand your child’s scores. Use this information to get a deeper understanding of what your child has mastered or areas where your child may need more help. There are also resources you can use to locate additional activities to support your child’s learning at home.

What does my child need to understand and do in this area?

For Listening, students can listen to a variety of scenarios, including conversations, presentations, and stories and answer questions about what they heard.

For Speaking, students can speak in English for a variety of purposes: to talk about an illustration or scene, support their opinion, retell a story and summarize an academic presentation.

Sample Test Questions

Here are sample test questions.

  • 1 Listening
    • Read the following to the student. As you read each character’s line, point to the picture of the character.

      Say: Listen to a conversation between a boy and a teacher. Listen carefully.

      Say: The boy says, “Ms. Ruiz, can I give water to the seeds we planted by the window?”

      Say: The teacher says, “Sure, you can get water from the sink.”

    • A child and teacher in conversation

    • What does the boy want to do?

      • A

        look out the window

      • B

        give water to some seeds

      • C

        drink water from the sink

  • 2 Speaking
    • Read the following to the student.

      Say: I am going to ask you for your opinion.

      Say: Your class has a choice to read a book. Which book do you choose for your class to read together: a book about the ocean or a book about outer space?

      Say: Why do you think [a book about the ocean/a book about outer space/your choice] is better?

    • A book with the title
  • A parent and a teacher discussing a score report

    Before your next parent teacher conference

    This helpful “Guide to a Meaningful Parent Teacher Conference” includes a list of questions to discuss with the teacher about your child’s classroom performance, academic progress and more.

    Download the Guide
  • ELPAC is a Test for All Students

    The ELPAC is designed so students, including those with special needs, can participate in the test and demonstrate what they know and can do. As a result, the test includes accessibility resources that address visual, auditory, and physical access barriers—allowing virtually all students to demonstrate what they know and can do.


    Learn About Accessibility

Where can I find resources to help my child with these skills?